Smart Device Control

Simple Control is more than a fancy remote. It’s like a universal remote for life. Control lights and climate, check-in on webcams and more.

Lighting and Shade Control

Lutron Radio RA 2 is automatically discovered, and each room’s devices are synchronized for complete control over lighting, shades and keypads. Vera, Philips Hue, Insteon, and Belkin WeMo are also discovered and synchronized automatically. Lighting can be customized with sliders, delayed commands and more. Activities to control each room are automatically generated with live feedback for each light.

Climate Control

Official Works with Nest control of Nest thermostats includes commands to set cool/heat points, fan timers and away status. Other systems such as ecobee and Honeywell are also supported.

Security Camera Control

Simple Control supports live RTSP video cameras within any virtual remote. Just tap the video image to enlarge to full screen. Simple Control Home also provides animated last event images from Dropcam and Nest Cam.

Clock and Alarms

A full size clock display turns Simple Control into a wall clock or bedside alarm clock. Integrated alarm functionality executes commands to any of your Simple Control devices at designated times. For example, you can automatically open your drapes and turn on your lights every morning. Simple Control’s alarm provides multiple alarm sounds, snooze, and activation by day of week.