Simple System™

Simple System is a portfolio of market leading Simple Control technologies packaged together to create a new standard in AV and smart home control. Simple System is available at leading AV resellers.

A Complete Home Control Solution

Simple System includes three main components: the Simple System app, Simple Sync, and a 12 month Simple Service subscription for control of up to 100 AV and smart home devices. Together, these amazing technologies are at once incredibly powerful and incredibly simple. The Simple Control Apple Watch companion app is also included.

Simple System is available at leading AV resellers.

Simple System app

Simple System is a sophisticated app-based control system for home theater and home automation that uses Wi-Fi to control thousands of devices like TVs, cable/satellite boxes, receivers, Blu-ray players, lights and thermostats. Simple System runs on your phones and tablets, and communicates with your AV and smart home devices over your Wi-Fi network. The intuitive user interface can be set-up quickly and is incredibly easy to use, providing extensive control of your home audio, video and environment.

Simple Sync

Simple Sync adds incredibly powerful functionality to your Simple System. With Simple Sync, your system will always be on, taking care of your house for you. Create reactive feedback actions such as “run the Watch TV Activity when my Lutron keypad button is pressed.” Set timers and triggers to execute directly from Simple Sync for “always on” control. Use SmartThings to trigger Simple Control activities via events such as motion detection. Keep your Simple System synchronized across all of your phones and tablets. Backup and restore configurations to all Simple Control phones and tablets simultaneously. Turn your Mac into an HTPC media center and control OS X from the comfort of your couch.

Simple Service

Simple System comes with a 12-month subscription for control of up to 100 devices, and includes TV schedules and guides for 34 countries with DVR control for DISH, TiVo, and DirecTV, Simple Control for Apple Watch, Triggers, Alarms, Backup and Restore, Room Proximity Detection, Infrared Control (requires Simple Blaster) and more.

Simple System + Hub

All the great features of Simple System with Simple Sync preinstalled on an included Simple Hub that automatically configures itself. Plug it into your network and your Simple Hub automatically synchronizes with your Simple System, adding remote access from outside your home, giving you complete control of your home from the office or the beach.

Simple System is available at leading AV resellers.