Media Guides

As you build your Simple Control system, you’ll want to add a Simple Service subscription, which allows control of additional devices, and also includes amazing media guides.

Guides Shouldn’t Block Your View

A Simple Service subscription includes full media guides right on your iPhone or iPad. Now there's no need to block your favorite show each time you want to see the guide. Once you experience guides on a second screen in the palm of your hand, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Comprehensive Personalized TV Guides

Simple Service provides integrated cable, satellite and antenna television listings for the US, UK, Canada and 31 other countries, and puts them right on your iPhone and iPad. Guides are customized for DirecTV, DISH, TiVo and many cable services, and your listings can be personalized with favorite channels, and automatically integrated with your devices to tune channels directly. Information on each show provides episode tracking, descriptions, Next On schedules, cast and crew information and photos, and detailed talent biographies and filmographies.

Apple TV and iTunes Media Guides

Simple Control is the only system in the industry with full Apple TV media guides using direct network control, providing access to all of your Apple TV and iTunes content. Also provided are iTunes media guides with full Airplay control for audio and video. iTunes and supported Apple TV models are integrated seamlessly to allow multiple iTunes video streams to multiple Apple TV units in your home, without needing any explicit Airplay settings. Browse Songs, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, iTunes U courses, and even iTunes Radio. Play items with live feedback right on your phone or tablet for album/show artwork, progress, and scrubbing control.

Sonos Guide

Simple Control is one of the few systems to provide control over Sonos systems and groups, and Simple Service adds a Sonos media guide for the large amount of content available to it. The Sonos media guide can browse the music library, manage the queue, control iTunes playlists, tune Sonos Radio or Pandora stations, access the line-in inputs, search, create Pandora stations, and more.

Kodi and Plex Media Guides

Simple Service also brings an integrated second screen experience to Kodi and Plex with a complete media guide for playlists with cover art when available, and access to the entire file system with instant control over active media.

Kaleidescape Movie Guide

Kaleidescape movies are tightly integrated with complete browsing of all titles, episodes, and scenes. Detailed movie information from Kaleidescape is viewable within Simple Control with the media guide linked to provide additional information.

Dune and Mede8er Media Guides

Popular media players like Dune HD and Mede8er X3D, the gold standards of format compatibility, are now integrated with the best content with full media guides. Simple Service integrates our Kodi media guide with Dune and Mede8er players, providing transparent playback of content from your NAS.