Simple Hub™

Adding a Simple Hub allows voice control of your home using Amazon Echo, control of SmartThings devices, adding events based on timers and triggers, remote access, and added safety and security.

Simple Hub

The Simple Hub comes with Simple Sync software preinstalled, and is the most convenient way to add all the Simple Sync software functions to your system. Just connect the Simple Hub to your local network with the included Ethernet cable, and the software will automatically synchronize with your system, adding all of the powerful features shown below.

Simple Hub

Voice Commands Via Amazon Echo™

With the addition of Amazon Echo, the Simple Hub can control the home via voice commands. Whether arriving home with hands full of groceries, comforting a baby, or anything that occupies the hands, you can ask Alexa to switch on the lights, turn on some music, or anything, simply by speaking commands. The flexibility of voice control can also empower people with special needs.

Control of SmartThings™ Devices

The Simple Hub adds deep integration with SmartThings products. Use SmartThings motion detection to turn lights on and off, control AV equipment and more. For example, you can turn your lights and AV gear off and set your Nest thermostat to away mode each time you leave the house, all automatically. With a Simple Hub and SmartThings devices, your imagination is the only limit of what you can achieve in automating home control.

Set Timers and Triggers

The Simple Hub allows the use of triggers, so you to create automated actions such as “run the Watch TV Activity when my Lutron keypad button is pressed.” Triggers can be set to execute automatically so they work even when the app isn’t actively running on any phones or tablets. Programming of timer-based events is included as well.

Remote Access

The Simple Hub allows secure remote access into your system so you can control your entire home while away. Record your favorite show from the beach. Turn up the heat when on your way home from vacation. Whatever comes up, and wherever you may be, you’ll hold the control to make things right.

(NOTE: Remote access requires BOTH the Simple Hub running on your local network AND a Simple Service subscription.)

Sync, Backup and Configuration Lock

The Simple Hub keeps your system settings synchronized across all your phones and tablets. Changes on any phone or tablet are reflected across your entire system in real time. The Simple Hub also provides secure backup and the ability to restore to all of your phones and tablets simultaneously. PIN-based configuration lock is also included for all phones and tablets.