Simple Controlâ„¢ app

Simple Control is a sophisticated app-based control system for home theater and home automation that uses Wi-Fi to control thousands of devices like TVs, cable/satellite boxes, receivers, Blu-ray players, lights and thermostats.

Your Home in The Palm of Your Hand

Simple Control runs on your iPhones and iPads, and communicates with your AV and smart home devices over your Wi-Fi network. The intuitive user interface can be set-up quickly and is incredibly easy to use, providing extensive control of your home audio, video and environment.

It's Easy to Get Started

The Simple Control app is available on the App Store. Choose from three versions including a free trial version, a build-as-you-go version or a complete system that offers all of the Simple Control features.

Review the chart below to learn more about the three Simple Control app versions.

Simple Control One-Web@87 Simple Control One Simple Home-Web@87 Simple Control Home Simple Home-Web@87 Simple Control System Icon-Rounded 120 Simple Control Legacy
App Description Free Trial Edition Build-As-You-Go Edition Complete Home Control Edition Compatibility with Older iOS Versions
Details Try before you buy. Allows free control of one media device such as DIRECTV, DISH or TiVo without guides. Recommended for most users, choose the number of devices you need to control, add media guides, and add advanced Simple Hub and Simple Multihome features as desired. All in one package that includes media guides, control of up to 100 devices, advanced Simple Hub features and advanced Simple Multihome features. Original Roomie Remote app. New users and users wishing to take advantage of the newest features should purchase the Simple Control Home app.
App Store Cost Free $9.99 Free

Requires Simple System license available via authorized resellers offering installation services or via the Simple Store.

Devices Controlled 1 media player or set-top box without guides (devices with guides can be added in-app for $4.99 each) 3 (additional devices can be added with the purchase of a Simple Service subscription) 100 3 (additional devices can be added with the purchase of a Simple Service subscription)
Simple Service N/A Simple Store or In-App Purchase First Year Included Simple Store or In-App Purchase
Simple Hub License N/A Simple Store or In-App Purchase Included Simple Store
Simple Multihome License N/A Simple Store or In-App Purchase Included N/A
Compatibility iOS 10 iOS 10 iOS 10 iOS 8.4 – 9.3
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