Simple Blaster™

Simple Control communicates with modern AV and smart devices using Wi-Fi. Older devices be can also controlled by adding a Simple Blaster which converts signals into IR. One Simple Blaster can control an entire room of AV devices.

Infrared Control

The Simple Blaster allows control of older devices that don’t feature network communications. An extensive library of over 250,000 commands supports virtually all home theater devices including commands not found on manufacturer remotes, such as discrete power on/off. The precision of the Simple Blaster ensures a fine-grained level of control.

(NOTE: Infrared support using third-party IR adapters requires a Simple Service subscription.)

Three Models to Choose From

Simple Blasters are available with Wi-Fi, Ethernet and PoE. The WiFi model is for use with a WiFi network. The Ethernet and PoE models are for use with a wired Ethernet network. The PoE model works without a power supply when used on a PoE network.

Each Simple Blaster includes a Simple Cable - Complete with three ends (two emitters and one blaster). The blaster end can control a whole rack of AV gear from up to 6 feet away and the two emitter ends can each be attached to an individual device. Each Simple Blaster supports three channels, so three discrete signals can be delivered simultaneously.

How Simple Blaster Works

A Simple Blaster communicates with the Simple Control app via WiFi, and sends IR signals to older devices through the IR blaster and emitter ends of the included Simple Cable - Complete.

Serial and Relay Cables

A variety of Simple Cables are sold separately for special applications. Any Simple Cable can be attached to a Simple Blaster for virtually any special need imaginable, including projectors, screens, lifts, drapes and shades. The serial cable allows two-way communication with non-WiFi devices. And the relay cable adds additional functionality. Visit the Simple Control store to see all of the specialty cable options.