Movies & TV

Now you can hold the command center for your entire home theater in the palm of your hand. Use your phone or tablet to control your entire system, get live feedback from your AV devices and even surf through media guides while watching TV.

Virtual Remotes

Simple Control provides a virtual remote control for any supported device, automatically optimizing each remote for iOS. Simple Control provides all of the commands from your original remote and often more advanced commands including “discrete” power on and off.

Live Feeback

Simple Control provides advanced two-way feedback support for many devices via direct IP control and serial connections. Unlike older universal remotes, Simple Control knows your receiver’s volume level, power status, mute, input, and listening mode allowing you to view and control these aspects of your system in ways impossible with infrared. Simple Control integrates with many Blu-ray Players to allow Live Scrubbing and elapsed/total time displays, integrates streaming and USB song feedback from popular receivers, DirecTV guide and time displays, and many other examples.Once you’ve tried live feedback, you’ll wonder how you ever used home theater components without it. View devices supported with Live Feedback.


The next generation of control is here. Gesture Controls are automatically generated for all devices using feedback-based gesture panels clearly displaying which commands are available for gesture control, integrating feedback from devices into the panel, and establishing the principle of safe gestures to prevent accidental commands. Older Remote Designs are automatically upgraded to include new Gesture Panels, and all Gesture Panels are editable as part of Remote Designs. Watch the Gesture Control video