Automatic Room Detection

Automatic Room Detection, allows your iOS device on your person to automatically switch to the room you have entered via proximity to an iBeacon. The beacon can be an iOS device that is dedicated to that room by setting it to Advertise Room iBeacon in Settings > Wall Mount or a hardware iBeacon such as those from RadBeacon. The device that wants to switch rooms automatically based on the nearest room iBeacon then enables “Detect Room iBeacons” under Settings. You can also set the Maximum iBeacon Distance in Settings.

If you’re looking for dedicated Room Beacon devices, we have tested RadBeacon USB. “Copy Beacon ID” from Settings to the RadBeacon configuration software and then setting a Major ID of your room number in Simple Control as counted from the top of your Rooms panel plus 1, and a Minor ID of 0 will cause the RadBeacon to act as a room beacon so that your iOS devices will auto-switch as they come into its proximity.

Note that Simple Control for tvOS also provides the ability to designate your Apple TV as a Room Beacon. If you use a dedicated Apple TV as your Simple Hub, this may be a good option for one room.