Deep Apple Integration

Simple Control is highly integrated with Apple, taking full advantage of all advanced iOS features.

Apple TV and iTunes Control

Simple Control includes direct network control of Apple TV and iTunes content including an iTunes media guide with full Airplay control. Manage multiple iTunes streams to multiple Apple TVs without the need for explicit Airplay settings. Browse songs, movies, TV shows, podcasts, iTunes U courses, and even iTunes Radio. Live feedback includes album/show artwork, progress and scrubbing control.

Apple Watch Companion app

The Apple Watch companion app allows for total home control directly from the wrist.

Complete Multitasking Support

Use your favorite apps while keeping the Simple Control virtual remotes at hand using the new iPad multitasking feature. Or, split the screen to view media guides on one side while searching the internet for additional programming details on the other side.

Notification Center Widget

The Simple Control widget puts the most-used commands on the Notification Center. No need to unlock your iPhone or iPad, and no need to open the Simple Control app. Just swipe down on the lock screen to expose the Simple Control widget in the Notification Center.

Advanced Gesture Control

Simple Control automatically generates Apple gestures, offering another easy way to control every device. The gesture panels clearly display available commands, and also integrate feedback from devices right into the panel.

Physical Apple Hardware Integration

With Simple Control, you can adjust the volume without ever taking your eye off the action on your TV. You can use physical volume buttons built into the side of your iPhone or iPad to control device volume.

Automatic Phone Call Pause

No more fumbling around for the remote to pause your favorite show when the phone rings. Simple Control can pause your show (or music) automatically whenever an incoming call is received on an iPhone.