Simple Control 4.5 Update

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In our biggest release ever, Simple Control is now available in 4 editions:

  • Simple Control Home is the newest member of the family and recommended as the primary entry point for Home and Do-It-Yourself users.
  • Simple Control System (previously Simple System) is for customers of integrators/dealers.
  • Simple Control One allows individual device purchases with guides and a limited feature set suitable for small installations or basic trials.
  • Simple Control Legacy is the original Roomie Remote app released in 2011. While compatible with the new Simple Hub, it does not support newer features. It is recommended for users that require iOS 8 support or must remain on iOS 9 due to the removal of iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad Mini and iPod Touch 5 from iOS 10.

The Simple Control app is available on the App Store. Choose from three versions including a free trial version, a build-as-you-go version or a complete system that offers all of the Simple Control features.

Review the chart below to learn more about the three Simple Control app versions.

Simple Control One-Web@87
Simple Control One
Simple Home-Web@87
Simple Control Home
Simple Home-Web@87
Simple Control System
Icon-Rounded 120
Simple Control Legacy
App Description Free Trial Edition Build-As-You-Go Edition Complete Home Control Edition Formerly “Simple Control”
Details Simple Control One allows users to try Simple Control before they buy. This version allows control of one media device such as DIRECTV, Dish or TiVo. Simple Control Home is an a-la-carte version of Simple Control allowing users to purchase the number of devices they wish to control, add media guides, and add advanced Simple Hub and Simple Multihome features as desired. Simple Control System is a complete package that includes media guides, control of up to 100 devices, advanced Simple Hub features and advanced Simple Multihome features. Simple Control Legacy is the original Simple Control app, and will continue to be supported, but is on a legacy platform that will not receive software updates. Users wishing to take advantage of the newest Simple Control features should purchase the Simple Control Home app.
App Store Cost Free $9.99 Free**Requires Simple System purchase. Simple System is available through authorized resellers globally (who also offer installation services), as an in-app purchase within the Simple Control System app, and online at $9.99
Devices Controlled 1 media player or set-top box (additional devices can be added in-app for $4.99 each) 3 (additional devices can be added with the purchase of a Simple Service subscription) 100 Number of devices varies.
Simple Service N/A Sold separately, in-app and online Included Sold separately, in-app and online
Simple Hub License N/A Sold separately, in-app and online Included Sold separately, in-app and online
Simple Multihome License N/A Sold separately, in-app and online Included N/A
Compatibility iOS 9.3 – 10 iOS 9.3 – 10 iOS 9.3 – 10 iOS 8.4 – 9.3

Simple Hub has also been updated to 4.5 on all platforms (macOS, tvOS, iOS, appliance), the version of numbers of all products have been normalized. All Simple Control and Simple Hub instances in your environment must be upgraded to version 4.5 with this release. Environments using a previous version will be ignored and vice versa. Note the Simple Hub version number has been normalized to match the corresponding Simple Control Home release.



Major New Features in Simple Control Home and Simple Control System:

Multiple Homes, Location Sharing, Users, and Permissions

  • Integrators: Manage all of your client locations and even edit them remotely. Reduce your truck rolls by easily switching to any client configuration to assist with usage or make changes right from the app.
  • End Users: Manage multiple homes! Switch easily between your homes and control them remotely.
  • Invite: Invite your integrator, significant other, children and babysitter to control each location.
  • Permissions: Designate Owner/Administrator/Guest permission for access to each location. Make sure the babysitter can’t delete your living room and your integrator has all the access needed to grow your configuration. Users designated as an Administrator require a Simple Multihome License or Simple System. Guest access is free.

Each location requires Simple Hub. Multihome requires Simple System or Simple Multihome License.

Simple Hub for iOS

Home and System apps can now become a Simple Hub running locally on your iOS device. Using a dedicated, powered iOS device (Guided Access is recommended to prevent errant iOS notifications) now provides a convenient way to enjoy the features of Simple Hub. Licenses for Simple Hub and Simple Multihome can now also be purchased directly within the app as well as via the Simple Store.

Additional Improvements in Simple Control Home and Simple Control System:

  • Run from Simple Hub: Activities can now be executed by Simple Hub rather than your iOS device. For instance, initiating a particularly long running Activity on an iOS device may not complete if the device were locked during the execution. Marking an Activity to Run from Simple Hub ensures the Activity will always complete.
  • Added support for Sony CIS-IP v2 devices: Includes the STR DN-1070 receiver and many other devices.
  • Blaster Firmware Updates: Both Simple Blaster and Roomie Blaster units now integrate firmware updates directly from the app.
  • Bose SoundTouch: Automatic discovery, control and media feedback for Bose SoundTouch speaker products.
  • Nest Thermostat, NestCam, and Nest Protect Updated Support: Improved pairing process. Nest Protect can now be used as a trigger. If you have previously associated your Nest account in your configuration, add Nest as a new device for the updated features.
  • NestCam Animated Images: Provides animated images for NestCam events and launches the Nest app to a specific event when tapped. NestCam animated images automatically update whenever motion is detected on the camera.

Upgrade Instructions for Simple Control Legacy

Simple Control Legacy (previously Roomie Remote) has been updated to ensure compatibility with the new Simple Hub, but does not provide the new Multiple Home, Location Sharing, Permissions, integrated Simple Hub, or other new features.

Simple Control Home recognizes Simple Service subscriptions automatically whether purchased through the Legacy app or the Simple Store. Older in-app purchases from the Roomie Remote app continue to be recognized by the Legacy app. If your Simple Service is not recognized by Simple Control Home, make sure Simple Control Legacy is installed and use the Restore Purchases button in that app. Then, open Simple Control Home.

To avoid redundant background processing, Background App Refresh should be disabled for the Legacy app if it is installed on the same iOS device as Simple Control Home.