Advanced Features

Add Simple Hub for voice control of your home using Amazon Echo, control of SmartThings devices, adding events based on timers and triggers, remote access, and added safety and security.

Simple Hub™

Add Simple Hub to your system and take Simple Control to the next level with remote access to your home from outside your network, advanced multi-home functions, encrypted real-time configuration synchronization, secure configuration lock, events based on timers and triggers and more.

Simple Hub

Choose Your Favorite Platform

Simple Hub software can be installed on a Mac, Apple TV, iPhone or iPad, or choose our dedicated Simple Hub appliance. Whichever device you choose to run Simple Hub on, just be sure that it remains connected to the local network and awake and available 24/7 to perform all of these added features at any time.

Note: Regardless of which device the Simple Hub software is installed on, a Simple Hub License is required to activate the Simple Hub software. This license is included in Simple System, and also available for purchase in-app and on our web store.


Simple Hub allows secure remote access so you can control your entire home while away. Record your favorite show from the beach. Turn-up the heat when you’re on your way home from vacation. And now, Simple Control can even manage multiple homes! In addition to controlling your home remotely, you can simply tap your phone to switch easily to your winter home, cabin, vacation home, etc.

Each location requires Simple Hub. Multihome requires Simple System or Simple Multihome License.

Users and Permissions

Invite your integrator, significant other, children and babysitter to use their own iPhone or iPad to control your home(s). For each person you invite, you can also designate them as an owner, administrator or guest, allowing them the access they need while protecting your system from accidental changes. Make sure the babysitter can’t delete your living room and your integrator has all the access needed to grow your configuration.

Users designated as an Administrator require a Simple Multihome License or Simple System. Guest access is free.

Remote Management

An exciting new feature for integrators and custom installers is remote management. Installers can now manage all of their client configurations and edit them remotely. Reduce truck rolls by easily switching to any client configuration to assist with usage or make changes remotely, right from the app.

Turn Your Mac into an HTPC

If you choose to install Simple Hub software on a Mac that remains on your local network 24/7, you will enjoy all of the Simple Hub features mentioned above, plus screen, keyboard, and mouse control, turning your Mac into an HTPC.

Amazon Echo™

With Simple Hub and the addition of Amazon Echo, you can control your entire home via voice commands. Whether arriving home with hands full of groceries, comforting a baby, or anything that occupies the hands, you can ask Alexa to switch on the lights, turn on some music, or anything, simply by speaking commands. The flexibility of voice control can also empower people with special needs. (The Amazon Echo voice command feature requires both Simple Hub and a Simple Service subscription.)


Simple Hub can be triggered by events in your SmartThings environment. Use SmartThings motion detection to turn lights on and off, control AV equipment and more. For example, you can turn your lights and AV gear off and set your Nest thermostat to away mode each time you leave the house, all automatically. With Simple Hub and SmartThings triggers, your imagination is the only limit of what you can achieve in automating home control.

Timers and Triggers

Simple Hub allows the use of external triggers like Lutron RadioRA 2, Vera, ISY and others, so you can create automated actions such as “run the Watch TV Activity when my Lutron keypad button is pressed.” Triggers can be set to execute automatically so they work even when the app isn’t actively running on any iPhones or iPads. Programming of timer-based events is included as well. (The use of timers and triggers requires both Simple Hub and a Simple Service subscription.)

Multiple Languages

The Simple Control app is now available in English, Spanish, French and German. Simply open your device’s iOS settings and choose General, then Language & Region. The Simple Control app will detect and display your desired language automatically.