How can I add my favorite device added to the list of supported IP devices?

Many factors go into determining which devices we support natively. Depending on the device, most are fairly easy to add and we add new devices very regularly. First, it is important to note that essentially all home theater equipment is supported with a Simple Blaster adapter available in the Store. Yet, the industry is very slowly moving away from infrared so you may want to evaluate whether is possible to configure your A/V equipment in a way that can be controlled entirely via your network without any adapters.

The advantages of direct IP support for some or all of your devices include:

  1. More reliable command handling than is sometimes possible especially compared to the classically hopeless infrared often used by hardbutton remote solutions. The infrared adapters sold in the Store do not require line of sight to your devices.
  2. Two-way communication in many cases allowing feedback on screen from Receivers, Blu-ray players, Roku, and other devices like TiVo DVRs.
  3. Direct IP support often reveals commands that simply were not made available via infrared by the manuacturer. The list of such special commands is very long.

Back to the original question, the primary decision for us is based on the expected user experience. If a device appears on our IP compatibility list, you can assume that exact device or one from the same family is physically tested on a regular basis with Simple.

The existence of an Ethernet port on a piece of home theater equipment does not mean it can be controlled via direct IP. Some out there are literally not even connected. The manufacturer must explicitly enable IP control. Some manufacturers have been exceptional at doing so. Some companies are just beginning to get the message now and their implementations are at best beta quality.

The secondary major issue is simply whether we have access to the device or have strong contact with a beta tester who can verify functionality regularly on supported hardware. If we haven’t verified device compatibility, we can’t release it. It also usually requires brief testing against the device itself in order to add Auto Discovery, and we try to make sure every direct IP device we support has Auto Discovery.

Meanwhile, it is also possible to add support for virtually any IP or Serial device to Simple without going through Support, but that requires of course a much higher level of technical skill. See this FAQ item for more information.