Apple TV Control

Simple Control provides direct network control of Apple TV all the way back to the first generation. If you experience any issues during the pairing process, restarting the Apple TV and/or iOS device should resolve it.

Simple Control also provides an Apple TV Media Guide for Apple TV Generation 1-3 that provides access to all of the iTunes Store content accessible from your Apple TV. The Apple TV iTunes Media Guide also provides direct access to your iTunes content from the Media Guide to play on your Apple TV (Generation 1-3).

For Apple TV Gen 4, other guides can be used specific to the app on the device. With Simple Control 5.6 and above, the Plex Media Guide is provided when running the Plex app for instance.

The content below refers only to the legacy infrared method of controlling Apple TV.

All Apple TV models can also be well controlled using infrared via Simple Blaster adapters from the Store.

Some rare Apple TVs in the third generation may have trouble waking from sleep (this is a hardware issue and can also be seen with Apple’s Remote app). In such cases it may be useful to send an infrared command to wake the box. Performing a full restore of the Apple TV via USB from iTunes may also help if you encounter that. A common cause of this is the recall of 3rd generation Apple TV units. If you see this issue and it is not resolved by a re-image from iTunes, compare your serial number to the recalled models to replace it.

Special notes for infrared with Apple TV:

  1. Make sure to unpair your Apple TV from any existing physical remote when configuring an Apple TV for infrared control. Unpairing is accomplished via the menus on the Apple TV.
  2. Some special commands are possible on the Apple TV via long-press commands. For instance in some cases holding down the Menu button or another button causes a special action. By default, Simple Control does not enable long-press commands with every command as it can cause problems with some devices. However, you may find it useful with Apple TV. To enable a long-press behavior for any Apple TV button, just edit the appropriate button on the Remote Design for your Apple TV to Repeat the command with the ‘While Touched’ setting. You will see Simple Control has already configured your volume buttons and a few others that same way, but by default some Apple TV buttons that in theory could be configured as such are not.